Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano has really become a flagship model for the vaporizer industry which show{ in its retail price of nearly double that of its closest competitors, but for good reason. I have been asked by countless patients seeking to purchase their first vaporizer if they should “skip the rest” and “get the best” referring of course to the volcano vaporizer, but like everything else in life it can never be that easy.

The Volcano Digital is the most recent vaporizer I have purchased, but I have no misconceptions that it will be the last. Build quality on the Volcano Digital is superb, its high grade stainless steel construction is not only efficient in dissipating heat but also quite fashionable. As a digital convection vaporizer the front LCD’s provide you complete control of temperate and vapor consistency. and is a forced-air bag filling vaporizer that is quite fantastic for group sessions.

In my experience the volcano vaporizer fills large bags the fastest of any vaporizer and the unique mouthpiece allows you to easily pass a bag from person to person without the worry of lost vapor.








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